Thandi Jazmine Design

July 08, 2019

Tell us a little bit about your design business, ethos and where you are located in New Zealand?
Our studio is based in Oakura, Taranaki. Our ethos is to create a beautiful sense of order. Whether it be a home or a place of work, the design should reflect the occupants style, meets their daily needs and where the spatial design is well considered and thoughtfully executed. A flexible environment which can grow and change with you, a space which is functional yet inspiring at every touch point big and small.

We love your project(s); can you tell us a little bit about it (them)?
Tahi is A modern healing space in New Plymouth. The design was completed with an ethos based on mother earth and the elements. The interior needed to reflect a strong connection to nature to allow for the transformation of mental, physical and spiritual work. It also references back to the original features of the building. We hope that clients feel a sense of nurturing, wonder, balance and potential here.

What are your considerations when looking for lighting?
In reference to Tahi, the lighting needed to be sculptural and reflect the natural elements. We used pendant lighting in each treatment room and above the counter to add to the interior mood with ambient lighting in mind.

How do you think lighting improves a space?
I believe the lighting accentuates your mood and having control over this is essential. It is crucial that we are able to adjust our lighting to suit. Lighting also pulls an interior space together with considerations of material, colour and output.

What where the restrictions for your project and how did you overcome them?
Time was a restriction for us with this project but we managed it well to meet the deadline.

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