Sticks and Stones Design – Katie Scott

May 16, 2019


Transforming this Ponsonby transitional bungalow was a project that we were a part of from the beginning. This was a complete rebuild from the inside out, the client wanted to it to feel more like a villa. Many of the features we used to achieve this were in fact a reinstatement from previous decades. Lining the hallway with paneling, plaster dome ceilings light features, patching and polishing the kauri floors all came together to emphasis the villa detailing.

We split the existing bathroom to create an ensuite for the master bedroom. This reduced the size however we managed to keep a full bath by creating a wet room area using the space efficiently. All finishes were a mix of contemporary and classic to be sympathetic to the villa feel.

Tell us a little bit about your design business, ethos and where you are located in New Zealand?
Based in Ponsonby Auckland, a large part of my work involves renovations of villas and character homes like the Ponsonby Terrace house. I suppose my ethos would be finding balance in design and being sympathetic to the buildings era but also making them contemporary living spaces.

We love your project(s); can you tell us a little bit about it (them)?
Each is different, I try to design for my clients personality as well as what works with the space. Trust in a designer is sometimes the hardest thing for clients, being involved in people's homes is such a huge reward and pressure at the same time!

What are your considerations when looking for lighting?
Sometimes it's the lighting alone that will determine the look of a space, I like moody grey walls so lighting is important.

How do you think lighting improves a space?
Lighting creates mood, it accentuates spaces, highlights features and changes a cool white to warm with just a bulb or help from a dimmer.

What were the restrictions for your project and how did you overcome them?
This house had old wiring and no allowance for pendants so we had to re-wire which meant I could put lights where we wanted.

How did you approach the colour palette, materials and fittings?
The house had a classic feel and I find chrome/silver quite contemporary, so no fittings or details were silver they were all brass, bronze, white or black. The lights chosen were contemporary classic looks to tie in with the rest of furnishings and overall feel of the house.

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