Beautiful Bali

April 08, 2019

Bali has this effect on you... It is somewhere that we visit regularly now, each time it draws you in; the pace, the people, the food, the landscapes and the incredible smells. One word to describe Balinese culture is “contentment”. Balinese people exude serenity and an aura of being truly happy.

The People

We source all our Rattan and Bamboo shades from this incredible group of people, they genuinely care about the cottage industries that make these exquisite things. Having visited many of the makers, it is evident that they take great pride in their craft. It is very rewarding to have made friends in Bali with our suppliers.They care about us and we value them so much.

The Products

Something really cool is that we don’t buy “off the shelf” they enable us to design our own pieces, samples are made and adapted until we are happy. We always pay top price, which guarantees us quality, our pieces seem to be thicker and heavier than some we see out there.

The Material

Rattan can look relaxed and informal or more structured, it has long been used by generations for its lightness and enduring nature. Rattan can be sustainably harvested, Rattan is a climber from the palm family, In forests where rattan grows, its economic value can help protect forest land, by providing an alternative to loggers who forgo timber logging and harvest rattan canes instead.

More to Come

We have some exciting new products that we can share with you sometime over winter.

Cannot wait to visit again, It is a magical place.