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Rachel talks about how RocketSpark, Vend and Xero integration is working so well for Mr Ralph

When we embarked on starting an e-commerce business back in 2013, it was slightly daunting choosing a website provider, then figuring out how to link this to showroom sales and then feed all this through to my accountant!

Well we found the perfect partner in Rocketspark..their DIY e-commerce offering was not only incredibly affordable but the software was intuitive and easy to use.

We managed to develop the whole site in record time and have gone from strength to strength with utilising Vend software in the shop....this "talks" to the website and manages stock levels for us.

Then last but not least Xero pulls all this information together and consolidates it into meanful data for us to access.

Being in business is all about forming great partnerships and growing your support base - we could not have achieved this without Rocketspark - Vend and Xero



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