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Introducing the Mr Ralph team

Mr Ralph are a small and friendly team who are incredibly passionate, knowledgeable and obssessed about all things lighting.
We are very fortunate to have a great skill base in our team to draw on, and most importantly we LOVE what we do. Providing our customers with the very best service, skilled lighting advice and beautifully innovative products is at the heart of what we do each day.
It all started when I left a role as a General Manager for a large Sales and Marketing company back in mid 2013 ...My sister and I went out looking for lighting for my home, we quickly discovered that there was a gap...everything I loved I couldn't afford and what I could afford I didn't love. We have been on an incredible journey since then, from working at home and creating an online business with products stored in the garage, to opening a small showroom and large warehouse space in the gorgeous town of Cambridge.
Things always happen for a reason and overtime the right people have offered valuable help and support to us which we are truely grateful for.
Laura joined us in 2014 and is a Registered Electrician and Lighting designer - Just a bit talented!
Kat joined us in 2015 and is a qualified Interior designer and has a huge depth of experience in design.
We are very fortunate to work with these amazing people and can assure you that we will work tirelessly to provide you with a spectacular end result.


I love Interior Design and I love exceeding customer expectations.
My background is in Sales and Marketing, I have worked for some large organisations, in varied roles and locations. Living and working now in the lovely town of Cambridge is amazing.

Having the opportunity to work with the most incredible team and to continue to learn and grow each day is a dream come true.
You can trust that we have the right intentions at Mr Ralph....we have tremendous faith in ourselves and our products.

027 777 8602

LAURA MITCHELL - Lighting consultant

I am a Registered Electrician and Lighting Designer GcertScTech - and have worked at Mr Ralph since April 2014
This is my dream job!!! 10 years ago when I was still an apprentice electrician I realised that I had an emotional connection with lighting...It has the ability to change the way you feel for the better...and can transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary.
I grew up on a farm in the Waikato, and did my electrical apprenticeship straight from leaving school...It is this practical and technical base that helps me add value to Mr Ralph and at the same time the ability to be creative that I never found in the trades.
My favourite thing is too help people and to see customers excited and happy with the lighting choices they have made.
You can contact me on the info@mrralph.co.nz email address or the phone number below - my role is to answer any technical questions, support you with pricing and product information and to check and dispatch your products....Oh and I can also restore old light fittings for you, so email me with details of any pieces you have that we could enlighten for you!!!

027 755 7003

KAT LOWRY - Lighting Consultant

My background is very firmly entrenched in Interior Design...I have spent many years now working in Homewares, Fabrics, Furniture and Lighting - I have a Diploma in Interior Design.
The joy for me is in the ability I have at Mr Ralph to truly become a trusted advisor - There is no hard sell here...we all share the common purpose of helping our customers get the right solution no matter how big or small.
I have renovated 5 houses and have lived in Cambridge for 15 years...Outside of my beautiful family, interior design is my absolute passion.
My role at Mr Ralph is to welcome you to the showroom - I work on a Tuesday and Wednesday and spend my time consulting and helping customers, which I love! Please come and see me or email/phone me outside of these times. The team tell me I have a lot of patience and have a very friendly face :-)

07 827 0071 (showroom landline) leave a message and we will call you back or email on

RALPH - Chief Executive and Founder

My role at Mr Ralph started at the very beginning - apart from being the inspiration for the name! I have always provided much needed support along the way...
When Rach gets tired or stressed I insisted on long walks to the business. To enable the team to relax I recommend lots of tummy tickles and a bit of ball chasing.
My personal characteristics - Being way too cool for school...knowing my own mind...stubborn about doing things right...and wise beyond my years, have provided the business with the core values it prides itself on today! Oh and of course energy and humility!
I am far too busy to be too involved in the day to day running of Mr Ralph - But rest assured I am always involved in the key decisons, and you can trust that I know far more than anyone else around here.


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