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Utilising our new ceiling roses and ceiling plates with multiple outlets

There are so many amazing ways that we can cluster or assemble multiple pendants together....this can create beautiful design effects, and also provide much needed functional lighting on mass to serve a practical purpose...either way you will need ceiling fittings that match the style you are wanting to create

Small and elegant ceiling roses are available now with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 outlets and cord grips...this allows for the sort of display shown above and below
For larger pendant light groupings, bigger circular and rectangular plates can be used to dramatic effect

These clusters are becoming a very modern alternative to the chandelier, and more and more commonly can be slung in the corner of a room replacing, a floor lamp or off set at the corner of a kitchen island bench.

Please let us know what you are trying to achieve with your fittings, we have Laura our amazing electrician who can work her magic and customise ceiling plates and roses to suit your needs...

We also refurbish much loved pendants and lamps - we can change the lamp holder and cord for you so that they will still have years of safe use left :-)

We are loving this movement towards housing magnificent pendants and bulbs together...let us know how we can help you achieve this in your home or workplace :-)

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