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The incredible Bubble Light range - DELICIOUS

I have always loved the simplicity and sophistication of the White Bubble Light range....They are totally timeless and work in almost any type of home or scheme.

This home...another Cambridge cottage, and owned by Annie & Paul, proves that these fitting work beautifully, even in an 1880 workmans cottage.

The rest of the lighting compliments each space really well.

They work in ultra modern or mid-century inspired spaces just as well...Dont be afraid to mix them with more traditional fittings eleswhere. Also look incredible clustered in high spaces like entranceways or lounges, hang different shapes.

The other massive beneift is that the actual bulb is not visible, meaning you can use a grunty high output LED in them....They give off a LOT of light, making them very practical too.
Cleaning is easy - they are made from a type of resin and just wipe clean with normal dish washing cleaner and a cloth.

Definately one of my all time favourites.
xx xx


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