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Textile cord - we offer an amazing range of coloured cord, transform the most ordinary light fitting instantly

NUD lighting - ablaze with colour

Colour and texture is to be revered this season.....Simple forms changed forever by coloured cord are so so exciting. We love the fact that old and loved lighting can be given a massive "face lift" with the easy addition of a new cord...Or you can bring in something totally new and brighten up a dull space 

Buy a multiple outlet ceiling rose, some textile cord and shades - create a bespoke light fitting

You may need the help of your trusty sparky to do this safely...but you can totally "invent" your own bit of heavenly lighting. Coloured cord and some amazing shades 

Textile Cord - NZ has so many available now

We are stocking this whole range of UK sourced cords - Just $19.95 per meter 


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