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Pendant Lighting a lasting trend

It is interesting that not so very long ago most modern homes were fitted throughout with recessed ceiling lighting only , needing floor/table lamps to create not only design statements, but the ambience and atmosphere that only lighting can generate! Wow how times have changed, we have gone back to appreciate the importance of different lighting solutions for different situations. Pendant lighting provides us with the ability to break the monotony with style, and one of the best things about them is they don’t leave a “footprint” or take up valuable tabletop space. In larger homes they adsorb the cubic volume of a room and soften spaces.

Pendants are now being used each side of a bed rather than traditional bedside lamps and in bathroom settings - And they look amazing, Pendant lighting comes in every size shape and colour, it can be changed as your interior style changes and evolves and most contemporary pendants are compatible with traditional and energy saving bulbs.....

Lighting is exciting (in my humble opinion) It generates a mood and a feeling, as well as making bold statements about who your are and your design style. You can change your interior very simply and affordably. Be brave and transform your space with a gorgeous pendant or two!!!!!


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